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The deadline to submit intake forms in this round of repairs was April 21, 2023. 

Thank you for your interest in A Brush with Kindness! We are excited to get started in your neighborhood!

Taking part in A Brush with Kindness is easy, but there are several important details, dates, and deadlines to keep in mind.

A Brush with Kindness focuses on minor exterior repairs, yard clean-up, exterior painting, and light landscaping. It is not designed for indoor or critical repairs or for work that is time sensitive.

All Intake forms for your neighborhood must be submitted by April 21, 2023.

During the week of April 24, we will contact you to discuss details regarding the assessment of the work you are requesting.

We must receive a digital insurance binder from your homeowner insurance carrier by Friday, April 28 at 5:00 pm before our volunteers can come to your home to make the assessment. Please tell your insurance carrier to send the binder with proof of homeowner insurance to

Volunteers will come to your neighborhood on Saturday, April 29 between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to meet with you and assess the repairs you have requested. An adult 18 years or older must be home at the time of the assessment.

A Homeowner Agreement and Scope of Work will be mailed to you by May 5, 2023. These documents MUST be signed and back to us no later than May 16. You can return them in one of three ways,

  • Send a digital copy via email to
  • Drop them off at our affiliate office on E. Main Street.
  • Mail them to HFHMCC, PO Box 186, Richmond, KY 40476 (If you opt to mail them, please allow several days for delivery to ensure they arrive on or before May 16.)

We anticipate beginning work on repairs toward the end of May. You will be notified as these plans firm up.

All repairs through A Brush with Kindness will be done by volunteers, and the materials will be provided through the generosity of the community.