Meet future Habitat homeowners Jamie Skinner and her daughter Trentity. Jamie works hard as an administrative assistant, but as a single mom, she is having a difficult time getting ahead. When she and Trentity lived in an apartment, the cost of their basic needs, like rent, utilities, and groceries, outweighed her income. There wasn’t any money left at the end of the month, and debt was a growing concern. Jamie wanted a better life for her and her daughter, but it just seemed out of reach.

Jamie knew something had to change, so she took action. She moved her family out of their apartment and into her father’s home, where she and Trentity now share a room. It’s crowded, and they miss having their privacy, but they are grateful for the opportunity it has given them to become debt-free and to begin saving for a bright future. And now that they are approved as a Habitat partner family, their bright future will come sooner than they had dreamed.