The Power of Home
May 2021

Real estate professionals, unite to share The Power of Home!

You understand the power of home. You see it every day in the families you serve. You see how a home is a place of strength, security, and safety. You know the pride and satisfaction that comes with homeownership. Many families in Madison and Clark Counties have never experienced this strength, security, and satisfaction, however. Many live in unhealthy and unsafe living conditions and are paying 50% or more of their income just to have a place to live. These families have a reliable income, but they don’t make enough to qualify for a traditional mortgage. They are not families who will ever have the opportunity to join you at your closing table. In spite of their best efforts, they feel stuck.

We are asking you to unite with others in your industry to do something about that. Together, you can empower local families to earn their way to homeownership with a new strength that will last for generations. You will give them a fresh start in a safe home with an affordable mortgage that will allow them to realize their dreams and plan for the future.

Starting a fundraiser for your team is easy. We’ll give you all the tools you’ll need to make a difference, and we will help you every step of the way.


Giving to Habitat doesn’t just meet a need for the moment. It empowers families for generations. When a family partners with Habitat, they will:

  • own a well-built home in a safe neighborhood.
  • take classes to prepare them for successful homeownership.
  • personally complete “sweat equity” hours working on their home or the home of another Habitat partner family.
  • have mortgage payments that do not exceed 30% of their monthly income.

Power of Home Details

The Power of Home takes place throughout the month of May 2021.

Partnering with Leaders
We are partnering with leaders in local real estate offices and asking them to join forces with others in the industry to make a difference for local families in need of a safe, decent, affordable place to call home.

Share with Your Power Team
We would welcome the opportunity to talk with your team of agents about The Power of Home and to share stories of lives changed through affordable housing. Contact Amanda at to make arrangements.

Set Up an Online Fundraiser
Set up an online fundraiser for your team. Setting up a fundraiser is easy and takes the work of collecting gifts off your plate. You can use the default settings on the pre-made template or personalize it for your team. See Power Tools for more details.

Consider Matching Gifts
Consider matching your team’s generosity by providing matching gifts for donations made through your fundraiser. If you choose to offer matching funds, you are able to set the terms of the match. For example, you can set your match at $1/$1 or $0.50/$1 or whatever you would like. You are also welcome to cap what your agency will match. Whatever you decide, be sure to include them on your fundraising page, so folks will know that you are matching their generosity. 

Rally Your Power Team
Rally your agents, staff, and supporters to give generously and change the lives of local families in need of a hand-up

Tools for Success

We have done the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting the word out and encouraging generosity. We have put together a handy page with all the Power Tools you will need to begin empowering local families and making a lasting difference in your community!

We Share the News of Your Generosity

We will be sure to share the news of your team’s generosity on social media, our website, and our email newsletter. Also, the real estate agency with the most funds raised will receive special recognition. We will also give special recognition to the real estate agency with the highest percentage of agents and staff participating.

Your website listing will include a picture that you choose to represent your team, a Power of Home quote by you or another team representative, and your logo. Your picture, logo, and company name will all be linked to your website, so folks can find out more about you.

Below is an example of a Power of Home Partner listing…

“We have a heart for the many local families who have challenging living situations and who don’t see a way out. We want to do something about that! Joining forces with other realtors to support The Power of Home through our local Habitat for Humanity gives us the means to make a difference!”  Jennifer Wilson of Jennifer Wilson Homes

Appear in a Video

Toward the end of May, we will be putting together a video where you, as your team’s leader, will have the opportunity to tell folks about your team’s Power of Home experience. This video will be posted on social media and our website.

Apply a Facebook Frame

Each person who gives can apply The Power of Home facebook frame to their Facebook profile to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing and to let folks know they are doing something about it.

Share on Instagram

We also have tools in place for you to personalize and share a Power of Home Instagram post. Like the Facebook frame, posting on Instagram raises awareness for the need for affordable housing and lets folks know you are part of the solution.

Tools for a successful fundraiser

Here is a link to the Power Tools you will need for a successful Power of Home fundraiser.