This recycled home is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Novelis in Berea, Kentucky. In addition to sponsing this home, Novelis faithfully provides funding through Can Houses in Madison and Clark Counties.

Mission Accomplished!

We are thrilled to share with you the final update on the Hisles’ recycled home in Berea, Kentucky, sponsored by Novelis! The home is complete and looks beautiful! Let Hope show you around! Also, be on the lookout for “Home for the Holidays,” the Hisles’ virtual home dedication, beginning December 14, 2020.

Replacing the Window

Today it was out with the old windows and in with the new! The Hisle home is really shaping up and on the home stretch to completion! We also met up with Danny Cain from Berea United Methodist Church, a long-time volunteer at Habitat.

Focusing on the Kitchen

Wow! Big changes in the kitchen this week! Take a look! Also, you will meet one of our lead volunteers Ed Boss who has volunteered with Habitat for over 25 years!

The Hisles’ Habitat Experience

This week we take a break from update videos and hear from Gary and Amanda Hisle as they share what it has been like being a Habitat Partner Family and how their Habitat experience is changing their lives.

Floors, Floors, and More Floors

Much was accomplished since our last progress video, so be sure to let Hope show you around! The exterior painting and caulking is done, and now we are focusing on getting the floors finished up. We will also meet another member of The Catch-up Crew, Bob Schaeffer.

Caulking, Painting, and Flooring

The Hisle build site was a hopping place this week! Now that the interior painting is complete, we have begun to install flooring as well as painting and caulking the exterior. We also met Abby Hill, student volunteer from the University of Kentucky! Take a look!

Selection Day

Gary and Amanda Hisle spent some time with us at Hager Cabinets and Building supplies to select their flooring, cabinets, countertops, and other elements that will transform their recycled house into a beautiful home especially for them.

Dryway Patching & Painting

The old floors are gone and the drywall patching and painting is underway! Take a look at the progress and meet dedicated volunteer Larry Palmisano.

Beginning the Process

We are just beginning the process of recycling this home for the Hisle family, but once we are done, it will be the perfect place for the Hisle family to call home. In this video, Hope takes us on a tour of the home and shows us what work lies ahead!

Partner Family Stories

The Hisles’ Habitat Experience

The Hisles’ Habitat Experience

Gary and Amanda Hisle take a moment to share what it has been like being a Habitat Partner Family and how their Habitat experience is changing their lives. Gary, Amanda, and they boys will be moving into their Habitat home in early December, just in time to decorate...

The King Family

The King Family

Angelina King knew that building her Habitat home on Parish Avenue in Richmond would be a process. Clearing the land, pouring the foundation, enduring weather delays—it was all part of the plan. She expected, piece by piece, project by project, that her Habitat home...

King Family Home Dedication

King Family Home Dedication

Angie’s road to homeownership was challenging, but she walked it with grace and determination. Now it is time to celebrate with a home dedication! Although the King Family Home Dedication is a virtual event, the joy is still very real! We hope you join in the...