The Power of Home: Uniting to Empower Local Families

The Hometown Build will be the exclamation point at the end of our Lincoln Street Renewal efforts! During the Hometown Build, we are inviting the whole town to come together and empower a local Winchester family to find strength and stability through homeownership!

More than 1 in 7 families who call Winchester their hometown are living in poverty, according to the US Census 2020. These families live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions due to leaks, mold, faulty wiring, poor insulation, and other issues that come with disrepair and overcrowding. They live in dangerous neighborhoods where parents are afraid to let their children play outside. They pay 50% or more of their family’s monthly income on rent alone, making it impossible for them to get ahead. Many are forced to make difficult decisions every day, like deciding whether they should use their limited resources to pay for rent or buy groceries. Saving for a rainy day or setting money aside for education, healthcare, and retirement isn’t even up for consideration.

During the Hometown Build, local businesses, churches, civic organizations and individuals right here in Winchester, are standing together and pooling their resources to ensure that one more local family has a safe, decent, affordable place to call home. Sponsors can participate at various financial levels during this collaborative build, as well as a variety of event sponsorship levels for The Hometown Hoedown coming this fall of 2022.

Partner families are selected based on their need for decent housing, their ability to repay a mortgage and their willingness to work in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Madison and Clark Counties. Once their home is complete, partner families purchase their Habitat homes with a mortgage they can afford which will not exceed 30% of their monthly income. 

Planning for Success

It is important that Habitat partner families have the support they need to be successful homeowners.

The Partner Family for the Hometown Build will:

  • meet 1:1 with a trained financial counselor to discuss budgeting, saving, and preparing for their financial future
  • participate in a series of homeowner classes to prepare them for successful homeownership.
  • personally complete 350 “sweat equity” hours working on their home or the home of another Habitat partner family.
  • have mortgage payments that do not exceed 30% of their monthly income.
  • have the support of Habitat staff, volunteers, and mentors walking with them every step of the way.