Angelina King knew that building her Habitat home on Parish Avenue in Richmond would be a process. Clearing the land, pouring the foundation, enduring weather delays—it was all part of the plan. She expected, piece by piece, project by project, that her Habitat home would be built and that she would enjoy the process. Patience would be part of the home building process, but this wasn’t a problem for Angie. She was ready for it.

That is until March 2020 when the word “process” began to take on a whole new meaning.

“It’s been a lot of stop and go.  That’s a nice way to put it, right?” She says plainly.

The excitement and anticipation have faded as the days of waiting on limited supplies and manufacturing challenges drag along. But as is the case for every Habitat build, the end result of a new home will be a dream turned reality, no matter the challenges. Despite COVID-19, the start and stops, good news and setbacks, Angie will soon be in her new home.

If you ask Angie what she is most looking forward to in her new home, she will quickly tell you that it is the promise of “freshness” and a great neighborhood within walking distance to EKU. And as anyone who has bought a new car or home can attest, the undeniable scent of brand new, never been used is something to behold. Angie can’t wait for the “brand new” smells and experience.

Additionally, her son Jay, who recently turned 16, has dreams of attending college. His autism prevents him from driving a car, but he’s incredibly gifted academically. Angie hopes she and Jay are one step closer to Jay’s dream of going to college. When they move into their home, they will begin exploring the idea of walking to the university.

Angie’s looking forward to the possibility that her health will improve as well. Allergies have plagued Angie in her current home at Spurlin Court, and she’s beyond ready to get some relief. Everyone has allergies in Kentucky, but she swears she has them the worst. “Where I live now, I feel like it just kills,” she says, “I just can’t wait to move in.”

She lights up when she talks about the finishing touches and beautifying her space—making it feel like home brings a peaceful glow. She’s chosen all-white cabinets for her kitchen. A homeowner-selected color scheme is a unique touch to a Habitat home, and it’s one of the ways Angie finds a little delight in this particularly challenging time.

Angie remarks that she’s ready for homeownership. She has the skills, financial fortitude, and stability that are hallmarks of Habitat homeowners. She’s a server at the Cracker Barrel in Richmond and is seriously considering changing course and finding new ways to support herself and Jay in the future.

Amidst all the uncertainty, the promise of a new Habitat sponsored home with an affordable mortgage is a sure way to fight the challenges we all face today. And Angie is equipped with the skills and experience she needs to be successful. For that she’s grateful. Her Habitat experience has been complete with helpers, builders, volunteers, and sound financial training.

“You learn how to build, how to paint, how to hammer, how to cut—there is good to it. They really try to work with you and really try to meet your needs,” she says.

At this time, the need has perhaps never been so apparent to lend a hand, receive a leg up, and take a step toward better days.

The King Family Home Dedication

Angie will be taking that big step toward better days very soon when she receives the keys to her new Habitat home during her home dedication. This will be a virtual event, but you can join the celebration by following the link below and viewing the video on our website beginning September 11, 2020!

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